"Marielle Cafafa, la musique au bout des doigts" by Cécilia Larney, L'Hebdo Antilles-Guyane, january 2021 

"Africana x Marielle Cafafa", interview-podcast with Anna Rabemanantsoa.

"Africana Africano", Episode 13 

Recording: july, 2020, broadcasting : october, 2020 

Duration: 1h27 

"Marielle Cafafa pa vin la fè kèt", from the song "97" by Admiral T (ragga dance hall). 

Song-tribute to Caribbean personnalities: Thomas Lémar, Alexandre Lacazette, Maryse Condé, Claudy Siar, Claudio Beauvue and Marielle Cafafa 

March, 2020 

"La Guadeloupéenne Marielle Cafafa, première cheffe d'orchestre ultramarine", press article by Tiziana Marone and MB, France TV info, Portail des Outre-mer, january, 2020 

"Marielle Cafafa, chef d'orchestre", radio report by Tiziana Marone, France Ô, january, 2020, duration: 1'52